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Environmental Studies

Environmental Activism at Southwestern


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Students for Environmental Activism and Knowledge purpose is to pursue and promote more environmentally sound practices and to facilitate awareness at Southwestern University.
Faculty Advisor: Laura Hobgood-Oster   

Community Garden

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SU students, faculty, and staff planted herb and vegetable gardens in the spring semester of 2009. They are producing beautifully during the summer months and will continue when students return to campus in the fall. 

Ecological Audit

The state of Southwestern’s environment is being monitored, and information regarding this is available on the audit page within this site.

Earth Day

Each fall and spring SU students coordinate Earth Day events to highlight activism on campus and provide information for students so they can become more engaged and sustainable.

Renewable to-go containers

Around campus there are compostable to-go containers from the university dining hall. There is also compost bins around campus to facilitate in waste reduction efforts.

Recycling Initiative

You will find recycling bins in all academic and administrative buildings around campus. Paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass should never be in the trash can! Only in recycling bins.

Green Hall

This year’s green hall is in one of the newly renovated (and renovated in a sustainable way!) residential facilities.

LEED Certified Building

The admissions building is the first building on campus to receive LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design); it opened in the fall of 2008. The second LEED certified building is Charles & Elizabeth Prothro Center For Lifelong Learning which opened in 2010.