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Majoring & Minoring

The Southwestern degree is a BA with a major in Physical Science. The requirements for the major are to be considered satisfied by the science and mathematics courses outlined below, together with course work completed at the engineering school, for completion of the engineering degree at the second institution.

The courses in the Physical Science major will provide a foundation upon which further work in engineering will be built. The Perspectives courses also will provide some transfer credit to various schools. A detailed outline showing a suggested staging of the various courses at Southwestern is available from the Physics Department.

Successful completion of the engineering degree is a requirement for the BA at Southwestern University. While the degree cannot be conferred until all requirements are completed at both institutions, students who can provide evidence that they will complete their degree requirements by the end of the second institution’s spring semester may petition to the Provost by the published deadlines to participate in May commencement activities at Southwestern University.

Major in Physical Science: 47 semester hours, including Chemistry 51-153/151, 163/161; Computer Science 54-143 or 183; Mathematics 52-154, 254, 353, 673, 753; Physics 53-154, 164, 214, 334; Chemistry 51-714 or Physics 53-204.