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About the Department

Southwestern University has received the rating of "Accredited" under the Accountability System for Educator Preparation. This rating is issued by the State Board of Educator Certification under the authority of Section 21.045, Texas Education Code. Accreditation ratings are based on the performance standards established by the State Board and are issued annually to each educator preparation program in Texas.

The standards represent successful performance by the program's candidates on the examinations required for certification as an educator. Southwestern's first-time test takers had a 100 percent pass rate in 2006-2007, while the cumulative pass rate for 1999-2007 was above 98 percent.

Southwestern University and the local Georgetown Independent School District have a collaborative relationship, through our state recognized Center for Professional Development and Technology (CPDT). Local schools provide classrooms for university class meetings so that students seeking teacher certification benefit from learning in the context of public schools.

Although Education Degrees are awarded by Southwestern University, certification is awarded by the State of Texas. In completing the requirements for their respective degree programs, students must meet the requirements necessary for Texas teacher certification as well as the requirements of Southwestern. Exemption from a University graduation requirement may not satisfy state certification requirements.

Students seeking elementary/middle school certification major in Education and choose either Elementary (EC-grade 6) or Middle (grade 4-grade 8) level teacher certification. Students who major in Education and who are seeking the 4-8 certification must choose a content area from the following: language arts, math, science, math/science combination or social studies.

Students seeking secondary or all-level certification typically major in Education and in addition must complete at least 24 credit hours of study in a subject field such as history, English, mathematics, etc. The exception to this is that Music Education students must major in Music Education rather than Education. Specific information on courses required for elementary, middle, secondary and all-level certification programs is listed in the following pages.

Completion of a degree with teacher certification may require an extra semester of work. In fall of the senior year, placement in a field-based program will require students to return to Georgetown prior to the beginning of public school, which precedes the start of Southwestern University classes.

The capstone experience for Education majors consists of successful completion of the student teaching requirements.