Paideia 2b
Spring 2008

We will weave together intentionally the strands of Paideia: academics, intercultural, collaborative, and civic engagement. The Paideia Program seeks to assist the Paideia Scholars in their search for a life that is connected, thoughtful, and authentic. Our seminar and tutorial sessions are designed to assist each seminar member in the pursuit of such a life.

The following shared values, methods, and procedures continue to clarify our approach to learning in this seminar:

Therefore, this seminar will require all of us to “stretch” beyond our established frames of reference, limits of understanding, and levels of comfort. The end result will be the integration of diverse learning experiences and progress toward the realization of our respective personal goals with regard to our educations.


Session #31 (Jan. 22)
Civic Engagement

Please read and respond to:

Part Two of The New Student Politics

(p. 15 [23rd page of .pdf] through p. 20 [28th page of .pdf])


Session #32 (Feb. 4)
Please try to attend the Civic Engagement session, Marsha Room, Feb. 4, 11:00 a.m.

Post your reponse to the Civic Engagement piece, if you have not already done so.

Please formulate and present ideas about a presentation at the 2008 Civic Engagement session.


Session #35 (April 22)
Please read:

Susan Frost and Aimee Pozorski, Chaos and the New Academy

and post a short reflection