Paideia 1a
Fall 2006

We will weave together intentionally the strands of Paideia: academics, intercultural, collaborative, and civic engagement. The Paideia Program seeks to assist the Paideia Scholars in their search for a life that is connected, thoughtful, and authentic. Our seminar and tutorial sessions are designed to assist each seminar member in the pursuit of such a life.

The following shared values, methods, and procedures continue to clarify our approach to learning in this seminar:

Therefore, this seminar will require all of us to “stretch” beyond our established frames of reference, limits of understanding, and levels of comfort. The end result will be the integration of diverse learning experiences and progress toward the realization of our respective personal goals with regard to our educations.

Session 1 (Aug. 29)



Session 2 (Sept. 5)
Be prepared to discuss:

* Extracurriculars / accountability
* Service: how does one conceive of researching, discussing, choosing a group service project?


Session 3 (Sept. 12)
Reflect upon how one develops a group service project. We meet with senior cohort.


Session 4 (Sept. 19)
Please read:

Tapestry essay

and submit a reflection in your Segue personal Repository space (tab at left, your name; see instructions under "REPOSITORY" tab):

React to the "ancient view of the liberal arts." What, if anything, does the ancient world have to inform us as we consider the holistic nature of the ideals of our own Paideia Program? as we consider SU's education more generally?

P.S. From the crotchety Classicist in the cohort: we've been there, done that. The Greeks considered all branches of learning and knowledge as parts of the whole. Later "scholars" invented separate and separable disciplines and departments. Our task is to reintegrate.


Session 5 (Oct. 3)
Please read:

FIU service-learning site

Please write a reflection, posted in your repository space (Service [Oct. 3] tab), on this set of rubrics for thinking and writing about service-learning. Are the questions/goals posed for service appropriate? Are the rubrics for reflecting upon service appropriate? You might look at the Paideia Handbook, p. 12 for comparison.


Session 6 (Oct. 24)

Entering into the Realm of "the Other"

Please write a response paper after reading this article. Discuss what is meant by the "other" and cultural difference. Are the author's points valid / not?

Post your reflection in the "Realm of Other" tab in your personal space, as a discussion post.


Session 7 (Nov. 7)
Please read the Intercultural Experience section in the Paideia Handbook, pp. 19-23.


Session 8 (Nov. 28)
Paideia Plan
Please post a draft of your Paideia Plan under your individual tab.