Latin 14-903: Independent Study

Roman Comedy

Spring 2010



H. Haskell
MBH 223

This course, making extensive use of resources available via the internet, focuses on the earliest literary documents in the Latin language. Readings will come primarily from the comedies of Plautus and Terence. This course is intended for advanced, mature students, who can effectively and conscientiously work through the readings and fulfill the assignments with minimal supervision.


Evaluation: Grades will be based on the following components:


  Secondary readings, etc. Ancient text
January Background Reading: Selected readings of S. Goldberg, Constructing Literature in the Roman Republic. Poetry and its Reception  
February Haskell, Roman Drama; T. Moore, ‘Facing the Music: Character and Musical Accompaniment in Roman Comedy,’ Syllecta Classica 10 (1999), 130-53; H. Sypniewski, Early Roman literature; Menaechmi: [Argumentum; lines 1-76]; [lines 77-225]; [lines 226-391]; [lines 392-558]
March C. W. Marshall, The Stagecraft and Performance of Roman Comedy. Cambridge 2006, pp. 126-40; S. Hofstra, Roman Social History and what it all has to do with Roman Comedy; Menaechmi: [lines 559-700]; [lines 701-881]; [lines 882-1049]; [lines 1050-1162]
April Project (oral) due  
May Project (written) due