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Our Faculty

The following is a list of faculty members within the Classics Program. Click on a name to learn more about each member’s educational background and research interests.

  • Professor of Classics
    (512) 863-1554
    Mood-Bridwell 223
    Specialty: Greek and Latin language and literature; Aegean Bronze Age archaeology
  • Professor of Philosophy
    (512) 863-1882
    Kyle E. White 112
    Specialty: Research: Critical Media Studies: Ancient Greek philosophyTeaching: Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Science
  • Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1376
    Fine Arts 243
    Specialty: Architectural History (Greek and Roman, Modern), Art History (Greek and Roman), Architectural Design (introductory, structural and historical design), classical archaeology, international cultural properties management.               
  • Professor of Art History
    (512) 863-1349
    Fine Arts 232
    Specialty: Kim Smith's research focuses on the art of central Europe from the first decades of the 20th century, the intellectual history of art history, and feminism and art history.


Rome, Forum Romanum