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Welcome to the Classics Program

Southwestern offers Majors in Classics, Latin, and Greek (and a Latin minor and Greek minor).


Classics students engage in an integrative course of study that gives them the flexibility to excel in a variety of careers. Some of our students go on to further study in Classics, but these rigorous majors are parts of a beautiful tapestry that set you up for careers in medicine, law, business, and many others. As a first year Latin student has put it, “Latin is such an integrated part of our language that paideia connections are everywhere, even when we don’t notice them.”

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Classics Stories

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Archaeology Headlines

Advanced Latin student Morgan Gribble studies Roman antiquities on the SU Chorale Trip to Italy 2013: Colosseum

Advanced Latin student Morgan Gribble ’14 ends up in Rome with the SU Chorale the week a new pope is chosen