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* indicates undergraduate student

245th American Chemical Society National Meeting Spring 2013 in New Orleans

Alec Bergerson*, Brandon Canfield, “Analysis of the Metal Content in Basil Commerically Available in Central Texas”.

Hayley Hamilton*, Kerry Bruns “Control of Protein Translational Rate by mTOR in v-ras Transformed Murine Embryonic Fibroblast”.

Mareah Lucio*, Brandon Canfield “Comparative Chemical Analysis of Basil (Ocimum basilicum) Commercially Available in Central Texas”.

Carolina Mendoza*, Kerry Bruns “A Study of mTOR and Its Substrates in Kirsten Virus-Transformed Murine Embryonic Fibroblast””

Tyler Poi*, Tim Williams*, Richa Chandra “Isolation, Analysis, and Antioxidant Prevention of Oxidized Triglyceride Rich Lipoproteins in Human Plasma”

Max Thompson*, Willis Weigand “Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Bis(thiosemicarbazone) Complexes””