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Our Faculty

The following is a list of full-time Faculty and Staff members within the Biology Department. Click on a faculty member's name to learn more about each member's educational background and research interests.

Core Faculty:

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1627
    Mood-Bridwell 320
  • Director of First Year Biology Laboratories
    (512) 863-1776
    Mood-Bridwell 316
  • Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1280
    Fondren-Jones 141
    Specialty: Aquatic ecology, wetland science, apple snails, invertebrate biology
  • Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1698
    Fondren-Jones 241
    Specialty: Endocrinology, Biology of Reproduction, Physiology, Tissue Culture Techniques
  • Associate Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1621
    Mood-Bridwell 208
    Specialty: Post-translational regulation of prokaryotic translesion DNA synthesis.
  • Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1974
    Fondren-Jones 240
    Specialty: I am a population geneticist who studies the ecology, evolution, and genetics of amphibians.
  • Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1583
    Fondren-Jones 140
    Specialty: I have recently returned to my first academic love of Human Genetics and Evolutionary Biology. Prior to that I spent many years working as a Plant Ecological Physiologist focusing on the responses of plants to environmental change, particularly increasing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide.
  • Professor of Biology
    (512) 863-1983
    Fondren-Jones 143
    Specialty: Molecular genetics of cancer development