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About the Department

We focus on teaching students how to think critically through thoughtful assignments and projects, hands-on laboratories, field experiences, and a diverse curriculum.

Biology Department


Biology Faculty & Staff (August 2017): Drs. Brown, Borden, Cuevas,  Taub, Ms. Christy Schaller, Drs. Burks, Pierce and Gonzalez.  Not pictured: Dr. Maria Todd (Fall Sabbatical) and adjuncts Dr. Christina Bowers and Lisa Reamer.

While we do not offer specific pre-med, pre-dental or pre-veterinary medical majors, we do offer courses required for admission to these programs as well as significant resources to help prepare our students for such pursuits.  No matter what path you choose, the career choices awaiting biology graduates are numerous, ranging from entrance into graduate or professional schools (including dental, medical, medical technology, nursing, optometry, pharmacy and veterinary) to opportunities in commercial industry, government, nonprofit organizations, public health and teaching.