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Lancaster Award

The Bob Lancaster Award: This award is given in the spring semester to Bob LancasterBob Lancasterthe outstanding graduating majors in studio art and art history. It was established in memory of the late Robert L. Lancaster, sculptor and chair of the Art Department in the Sarofim School of Fine Arts. Selection of the recipients of the award is made for studio art on the basis of a portfolio and general performances as judged by the studio art faculty, and for art history on the basis of general performance and special projects as judged by the art history faculty. As a merit-based award, it is given only to those students who have met the departmental standards and, therefore, may not be awarded in some years.


2015 Studio Art Recipient: Victoria Gadson


2014 Studio Art Recipient: Charles Morris


2013 Studio Art Recipient: Noel Kalmus 


2012 Studio Art Recipient: Morgan Bailey


2012 Art History Recipient: Kelly Johnson



2011 Studio Art Recipient: Christine Harris

Christine Harris, Lancaster Award Winner 2011


2011 Art History Recipient: Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker, Lancaster Award Winner 2011


Art & Art History

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