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Our Faculty not only provide high-caliber education and personalized attention to our students, they all actively impact their fields through professional research and exhibition.

All of our faculty members are exhibiting artists or publishing scholars. This means students have direct contact with leading professionals in their field, and can often participate or collaborate in their work or research. In pursuing a major or minor in studio art or art history, or a minor in architecture and design studies, students find they receive significant direction in the first two years, but in their junior and senior years are increasingly encouraged to develop their own line of research, in close interaction with a faculty member. This approach has led students to be well prepared for their first research seminars in graduate art history programs and, in studio art, to prepare professional portfolios for exhibitions and graduate school applications.

Read the stories below to see what our excellent faculty members are up to. Also visit their individual profiles.

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    Chair of Art History
    Thomas Howe, Ph.D.
    Professor of Art History

    Chair of Studio Art
    Victoria Star Varner, MFA
    Professor of Art

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