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Southwestern has offered a minor in architecture and design since 1985, with Prof. Thomas Howe (art historian, archaeologist, design teacher) providing lecture courses in architectural history and studios introductory architectural design, and Prof. Ron Geibel (ceramicist) offering courses in design, with projects in industrial and landscape design.

To date the program has a 100% acceptance rate of getting students admitted to design graduate schools in fields of architecture, interior design, industrial design, landscape architecture, construction contracting, engineering and urban planning, and students have gone to graduate schools at Harvard, Yale, U.T. Austin, Clemson, UCLA, Univ. Houston, Univ. of Arizona, U.T. Arlington and Washington Univ., St. Louis. Many graduates have found themselves design project leaders at leading firms within ten years of leaving SU.

Acquiring a liberal arts B.A. may add about one year to attaining a professional degree as opposed to entering directly into a B.Arch program, but liberal arts background has a record of endowing design professionals with greater depth and flexibility throughout their careers. Students major in some other field that can enhance a design career, including almost any of the humanities, business, science, mathematics or studio art. Most SU graduates apply for M.Arch first degree programs.

Students should major in any other discipline which appeals to them.

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Minor in Architecture and Design Studies

2010-2011 Catalog

Six courses (Minors consist of a minimum of 18 credits):

ART70-314 Architectural Studio I: Introduction to Drafting and Programmatic Design

ART70-324 Architectural Studio II: Historical Design

ART70-334 Architectural Studio III: Modern Structures

ART70-414 Design I: Introduction

ART70-424 Design II: Intermediate

One course from:

ARH71-114 World Architecture: A Comparative Cultural History


ARH71-764 Modern Architecture

Pre-2010 Catalog

21 semester hours, including Art 69/70-703, 713, 723, 753, 763, Art History 71-703, 713. Students wishing to major in studio art and minor in architecture and design studies should take the courses with the 69- prefix rather than the 70- prefix.

Art & Art History

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