Art & Art History

Art History: For Current Students

Art History is an academic liberal arts program that seeks to understand the significance of visual culture within specific cultural and historical contexts.

Students are asked to adopt this expansive historical and interpretive perspective in their own work. They become well-versed in the history of art in specific cultural contexts, and learn to analyze the visual and material attributes of art objects; conduct thorough historical research; think theoretically about the meaning of artistic production; develop critical and inventive arguments; and communicate their ideas clearly in both written and oral forms.

The culmination of the major is a capstone research seminar to be taken in the fall of the student’s senior year.

Upon invitation of the department, an honors project is available to students. An honors project requires at least six semester hours of Senior Research (71-98x) taken in the junior or senior year (starting, at the latest, fall of senior year). Those who are interested are encouraged to contact the professor who is most likely to act as adviser to the honors work and propose a topic. The project will have a committee of at least three faculty members, approved by the department, and honors are awarded upon the basis of and extensive research paper and an illustrated presentation, and the vote of the committee. Hours may not count towards the courses required for the major, and an honors project does not replace the seminar capstone requirement.