Art & Art History

Recent Senior Art Exhibitions


2017 (click here to view)

Taylor Bailey

Anne Brown

Avery Elkins

Sophie H. S. Gilliam

William H. Soller


2016 (click here to view)

Forrest Aderholt

Kelsey Baker

Moriah Cooper

Alyssa Lester

Ellen Hinds

Christi Ho

Katy Nave

Abigail Nash

Kaylie Meek

Jake Pawelek


2015 (click here to view)

Megan Adams

Natalie Aleman

Alexandra Bonnet

Carly Dennis

Victoria Gadson

Paige Guerra

Charles Morris

Amber Wallour

Kelsi Walters


2014 (click here to view)

Anne Bannister

Erika Clugston

Carmen Gadt

Jamie Gardner

Nikki Grona

Sarah L. Kinney

Orlando Tijerina

Candace Weigand


2013 (click here to view)

  Jessica Cox

  Kim Dembrosky

  Daniella Garcia

  Rebecca Gordon

  Tess Outlaw


2012 (click here to view)

  Morgan Bailey

  Alex Essex-Carmona

  Kirby Crone

  Jenna Foster

  Lauraly Hernandez

  Noel Kalmus

  Julia Page

  Rachel Sellars

  Katherine Shipman


2011 (click here to view)

  Hannah Adams

  Ellen Anne Burtner

  Jessie Cragg

  Rebecca De Los Santos

  Christine Harris

  Mary Catherine Scoville

Art & Art History

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