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Animal Behavior



Spring 2010

  • Morgan Mingle, a junior majoring in animal behavior, was selected to participate in a research program at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, which is the nation’s oldest and largest primate center. Mingle will be working on a project involving chimpanzees and vocal behavior with Frans de Waal, the C.H. Candler Professor of Psychology at Emory University and director of Living Links Center. Mingle was one of 11 undergraduates selected out of more than 600 applicants to participate in this program.  

  • Animal behavior major Jessica Bolton was one of two winners of the H. Wayne Ludvigson Memorial Student Prizes for best student paper presentations at the Southwestern Comparative Psychological Association annual meeting held in Dallas April 8-10. Bolton received the award for her talk titled “‘Who’s Your Daddy’: Kin Recognition in Prepubescent and Adult Rats,” which was based on a paper she wrote with Brittany Ford, Carissa Winland and Professor Fay Guarraci.

  • Romi Burks, associate professor of biology, recently had a paper titled “Pink Eggs and Snails: Field oviposition patterns of an invasive snail, Pomacea insularum, indicate a preference for an invasive macrophyte” published in the Shallow Lakes volume of the peer-reviewed journal Hydrobiologia. The paper was written with senior Matt Trawick and 2009 graduate Colin Kyle, who is now a graduate student in ecology and evolution at The University of Chicago. Burks, Kyle, Trawick and 2009 graduate James McDonough also recently finalized a paper for the Texas Journal of Science titled “Population dynamics of an established reproducing population of the invasive apple snail (Pomacea insularum) in suburban southeast Houston, Texas.”