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Animal Behavior


Below you will find a list of the basic sequence and a partial listing of the courses involved in the Animal Behavior Major.  We only included major courses and not general education or division requirements.  See the course catalog for descriptions and updated information.

In addition, Please email the Program Chair with any questions or CLICK ON THE NEXT LINK for an degree plan for the AB major.  Please note that each year’s catalog provides the strict requirements for graduation.

First Year (semester typically offered)

  • Introduction to Animal Behavior (1 hr, Fall)
  • Biology mini-courses including Biodiversity (Fall), Cell Biology (Fall), Genetics and Evolution (Spring) and Genes and Molecules (Spring)
  • Introductory Psychology (Both)
  • Introduction to Statistics (Both)

Second Year

  • Animal Behavior (Spring)
  • Research Methods I & II from AB Faculty (year-long)
  • Chemistry I & II (year-long)
  • Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology (mini-course, offered both semesters)

Third Year

  • Evolution (Fall)
  • Learning (Fall)
  • Behavioral Neuroscience (Spring)
  • Ecology or other Biology Course (Spring)

Fourth Year

  • Additional Biology Course
  • Additional Psychology Course
  • Capstone Research (year-long experience)