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American Studies

Majoring and Minoring

A major in American studies requires 48 semester hours of coursework including 21 hours of designated Required Core Courses – Communication Studies 75-743; English 10-733, 753; History 16-223, 233, 413; American Studies 01-963 (Capstone).

The remaining 27 hours are chosen from courses cross-listed with American Studies, or from the list of approved Allied Courses with the guidance and approval of the Adviser/Program Chair. At least six of these hours must be from two departments other than Communication Studies, English and History. Other courses not listed may also be included, with the approval of the Chair, if the content is appropriate to American Studies and contributes to the student’s focus of interest. At least 30 hours in the major must be above the introductory level.

Southwestern does not offer a minor in American Studies.