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So you can't honestly tell me you don't want some FREE Hot Chocolate can you? Seriously, I dare you! (I actually don't, like if you're not in the mood for a delicious, warm beverage that's, you know, cool...) BUT if you are, than stop outside of the Commons on MONDAY NOVEMBER 24TH DURING DINNER!!!! Teach will be providing the awesome drink and telling you about our awesome upcoming SPLASH EVENT , and you will be providing your awesome self! This is all very nice and you should definitely come!

delivered by:Jennifer Fleming


Hmmm.. Think you're pretty SMArT? Smarter than a 5th grader!?

It's that time of year again.. This isn't your typical science fair - It's time for the SMArT Achievement Party! A chance to celebrate guided inquiry and smart kiddos at their finest.




Speaking of inquiry... 


Ever wondered how a shark can swallow fish whole?...and what happens to the fish right after it gets eaten?! 


How voice activated or solar-powered robots work?


How freshwater biomes and other types of ecosystem sustain life?


...or how to simulate a magnetic tornado?!






Come learn the answers to all of these questions and much, much more at this Fall's SMArT Achievement Party on Monday, November 24th in the Bishop's Lounge from 5 - 6pm. 




Refreshments and cake will be provided! Come support your fellow SU mentors and uprising, future scientists from Jack Frost Elementary!

delivered by:Mareah Lucio


Community Service and Fund-Raising

Opportunity to help Ferguson!

Would you like to raise the spirits of those who are protesting the police brutality in Ferguson? Send a note of inspirtation to an activist, here's how:

Dear Supporter,

Thank you, for reaching out to support the brave women & men, taking a stand in Ferguson.

Cards from Ferguson was created to help supporters reach out to Ferguson, in a very personal & tangible way. As the time wears on, the emotional & spiritual well being of activists needs lifting. This is where you come in! 

How it Works

  • YOU write out cards, post-cards and send them to either specific demonstrators of your choice, or to "My Ferguson Friend". Cards written to "My Ferguson Friend" will go to new comers, or people who are in need of a lift.

  • Send them to the PO Box

  • We will deliver

Suggestions on WHAT to Send

  • Postcards, handwritten notes, with bright & energizing colors seem to be most popular with the crowd.

  • Small gift cards, tokens from other places, and "Stocking Stuffer" type items are always a hit! Please either place inside the card, or tape to the card if it is meant to go to someone specific!

  • The stamps get noticed too!

Where to Send It & How

  • Cards to specific people can be addressed to their Twitter name, nickname, or first name. If you need help with this, please ask. We are working on a list that can help, available only upon request.

  • If you don't mind a Thank You card back, please put an index card/label with your return address INSIDE the card. 

  • If you are on Twitter, let them know your @name!!



C/O Cards for Ferguson

PO BOX 27237

St. Louis, MO 63111

We Politely Ask That You NOT:

  • Send donations to any other organization or unspecified gifts that you don't mind our "Post Carriers" to distribute at their own discretion

  • Ask us to determine WHO your mail should be addressed to. We want to remain above the politics & popularity contests

  • Send anything that could be hazardous to activists, with harmful/hurtful language or illegal

  • Send items of value without insurance, and a heads up that it is on its way

Please be patient, we are getting organized & are also engaging in activism related activities on the ground!

C/O Cards for Ferguson

PO BOX 27237

St. Louis, MO 63111


Cards for Ferguson

delivered by:meredith foster