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Come meet on Common Ground

Come meet with us on Common Ground Thursday @ 11:30am in the chapel to discuss how to intentionally connect our spiritual life with our purpose. Common Ground is a place to discuss topics that connect our personal everyday lives with our spiritual lives in whatever way that might be.

Sponsored by the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life.

delivered by: Brimmage


Do you enjoy meaningful conversation?

Come to the Ask Big Questions Event!

  • Theme of this discussion: What's Your Story?

  • Second-years only

  • September 28th at 6 to 7:30 pm

  • HBSM Courtyard

  • Free meal!

  • RSVP now to

See you there!

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Robertson Center


Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms


Friday, September 22nd

Saturday, September 23rd

delivered by:Susan Leavell


Club, Organization, and Extracurricular Notices

People with Disabilities, Unite!

Are you looking for community and a space to talk about disability-related topics?

Do you believe health is multidimentional in it's nature, and unique to each infividual? 🌹

Are you tired of being called an inspiration for living your daily life with a condition? Are you tired of not being believed about having a condition or disability? 

Have you felt "not disabled enough?" 

Are you tired of disability representation in media being White/ straight/ or male? 

Do you think that the disability symbol of a person in a wheelchair doesn't fully embody the diverse reality of living with a disability?♿️

Are you interested in empowerment and disability pride/ liberation? 

Are you interested in supporting and learning more about the issues people with disabilities face? 

Do you believe that issues of race, gender, religion, animal rights, envirmental issues, and disability are all connnected? 


There will be an informal disabilty discussion meeting, where we can come & go as we please. Tea, coffee, and snacks will be served. The multicultural room in Prothro EVERY Thursday at 5:30, for about an hour. 

Feel free to watch / listen to this (not required)

My Disability Doesn’t Make Me Difficult to Love, It makes It Harder for Me to Accept Ableist BS

[Image description: a dark skinned woman with long, stylish dreads looking away from the camera with a cute outfit on, in side of a room, and has one crutch in her hand to steady her.] 

Crutches and Spice

delivered by:Natalie LaFlare


Support Those Fighting Mental Illness!

The national alliance of mental illness is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to erasing stigma, educating, and building betters lives for individuals impacted with mental illness.


NAMIWalks Austin is an event to raise awareness and funds for individuals and family members living with mental illness. Please come out and support Southwestern’s Muslims and Allies own Team Knockout (Knocking Out Stigma).





Saturday Sept 23 

Event Starts: 9 am

Sign up starts: 7:30 am 

Carpooling will be provided 

To Carpool, meet at the Cove at 8 am. 


To Join, Contact Maria Mathis


delivered by:Zeynep Guven


Student Worker Position (Records Office)

The Records Office is hiring one student worker to begin work Fall 2017. Primary responsibilities include managing the front desk and performing clerical duties. Approximately 8-15 hours per week and must be available on Mondays. Any questions may be directed to Lisa Green at

Select the folllowing link to access the application:

delivered by:Lisa Green


A Yard of Yellow Flags on Campus (NSAW)

Active Minds is partnering with Counseling Services to provide a display of yellow flags for National Suicide Awareness Month. The display will be held on the Maple Street side of campus from the campus center walkway to the Library.

The display will be from mid day today to mid day Friday so come and check out the impact!

delivered by:Christine Nguyen


50 Years of Computer Science talk by Jon Weston

Today (9/21) at 4pm in MBH 113, Jon Weston will give a talk about 50 years of Computer Science. (This is the first of a number of talks he has volunteered to present throughout the year.)

Abstract: The objective of the seminar is to impart lessons learned and some future computer science and information technology thinking regarding my and your computer science careers.  Beginning with the very early days of programming in BASIC and assembly language, best practices and success concepts have appeared repeatedly including; "Be So Good They Can't Ignore You", "Be prepared", and "Embrace and Manage Change".  Examples and stories are used to highlight these and other useful skill sets.

Speaker Bio: Jon Weston, BS Business Administration, JHU 1968, is currently the Vice President of Solution Architecture for CACI.  Over the last 50 years he has been a computer programmer, instructor, system engineer, director of operations, enterprise architect, product planner/marketing manager, project manager and author/lecturer.  During the last 25 years, he has been the system engineer/solution architect at CACI, a 19,000 person computer consulting company.  He has designed and built operating system capabilities; designed, developed and delivered computer systems (infrastructure and applications) for business systems, intelligence systems, logistics, process control, networks and products for industry and government.  Along the way he has developed and implemented successful software development and systems/services delivery lifecycle methodologies and procedures used across a wide array of customer environments and disciplines including planning, development, integration, operations and maintenance, cyber security, benchmarking, predictive analytics and full program modeling/estimating.  He also has been a lacrosse player and coach including his current position as assistant lacrosse coach at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas.

delivered by:Barbara Anthony


Community Service and Fund-Raising

Plastic Tubs Needed in Rockport/Port A

As folks continue to clean up in Rockport/PortA/Aransas Pass areas, they have need for large plastic storage tubs with lids. They need these to keep dry and clean what they have salvaged as they continue demolition of ther homes and property. 

I will be going back down to assist with more demolition and tree/brush removal the weekend of Sept. 23th. If you have any tubs with lids you would like to donate, please let me know or bring them to my office MBH 304 or Kelly Lessard's office on the first floor. Also, any gloves (plastic and cloth) would be greatly appreciated, as will cat litter and/or cat food (wet and dry).

Thanks to everyone who has donated tubs and cleaning materials so far. I was supposed to go this past weekend, but had to reschedule to Sept. 23. 

Email me if you have questions. Thanks! #texanshelpingtexans

delivered by:Jennifer Marciniak


Hurricane Harvey rescue cats need homes

Hurricane Harvey survivors, rescued by Georgetown Animal Outreach from the Brazoria County SPCA, need homes:

JoJo, Michelle, and Bethany Ann are Hurricane Harvey survivors that Georgetown Animal Outreach has shown at four adoption events around Georgetown the last two weekends, but still need to find homes.

Please share and spread the word. They will be at the Round Rock PetSmart on Saturday, 09/23/2017, from about Noon to 4:00 pm.


delivered by:Kelly Lessard