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King Creativity Proposals DUE MONDAY from Students

King Creativity

The King Creativity Fund, annually supports “innovative and visionary projects” of enrolled students, supporting multiple projects every academic year with grant awards ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.  The purpose of this program is to give Southwestern students the means and opportunity to explore ideas and interests that fall outside of the usual academic process and curriculum—ideas that may not have a lot to do with a student’s major, that combine interests in more than one area, or are extra-curricular in nature.  Students may work alone or in collaborative teams.

In the case of the King Grants, “creative” includes artistic work and performances in the obvious sense, but also “creativity” in that students will pursue ideas that no one has looked into before, try developing a device not now available, applying standard techniques from one area to another, etc. The King Creativity program is designed not for the projects you are already going to do, or projects you otherwise couldn’t do, but the projects that, without this fund, you wouldn’t do!

Past projects have dealt with AIDS activism, a study of the neurophysiology of the rat brain, a series of oil paintings on the American Goddess, theatre performances, studies of chimp behavior, design and implementation of an inexpensive solar water heater, the Southwestern University Drum Corps, a study of sleep deprivation in students, the development of Indian Cultural Awareness Month, and the use of computer algorithms to design ceramic glazes.

This program encourages creativity and innovation; so don’t be limited by what has been funded in the past. But take a look to see the range of ideas that have been supported by the program. Click here to view past Participants


Proposals are usually funded in the range of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but there is no limit to requests. Remember that the inexpensive idea is as interesting as the expensive one. The amount of funds awarded will depend on the number and quality of proposals submitted. Be prepared to know how you will proceed if the King Creativity Fund is able to provide only part of the funding you apply for.


The deadline for proposal submissions for the 2015-2016 academic year is 5:00pm on October 12, 2015.  King Scholars must present the results of their work at an annual symposium and dinner to be held in the spring on Monday, April 4, 2016.


For complete details please visit the King Creativity website at King Creativity Website.

delivered by:Christine Vasquez


Staying on campus for Fall Break?

Are you staying on campus during Fall Break? Join Student Activities for these FREE events*:

Saturday, October 10:

-- 12:00 pm - Shuttle to HEB and Wolf Ranch

-- 6:30 pm - Firehouse Subs in BC Lounge

Sunday, October 11:

-- 12:00 pm - Shuttle to HEB and Wolf Ranch

-- 6:30 pm - Mama Fu’s in BC Lounge

Monday, October 12:

-- 12:00 pm - Shuttle to HEB and Wolf Ranch

-- 3:00 pm - Pumpkin Carving in BC Lounge

-- 6:00 pm - Domino’s Pizza in BC Lounge

Tuesday, October 13:

-- 12:00 pm - Shuttle to HEB and Wolf Ranch

*Meals are intended for students with a meal plan who are unable to eat in the Commons over the break. They will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

Shuttles depart from the parking lot in front of the Cove.

delivered by:Rebecca Silverblatt


PLEASE help catch the gray cat behind admissions

Well, I tried...but the gray cat is hard to catch!  I need other people to help!

I set the box trap over the admissions food bowl, but removed the self-feeder, putting a can of wet cat food in it's place.  I sat in my car and waited.  The gray cat approached the food bowl, circled the trap, circled again, then departed.  I stayed there for two more hours, but she never returned.  What a smart cat!  Much smarter than me!  I should have left the regular food there, so it seemed unchanged.  Instead I gave her a reason to be wary.

I believe this cat knows that I am her enemy.  I am convinced that she is more wary of me than any other human on campus. this point, I need other folks to help catch her.

Everything is set up to catch her.  All the supplies are there.

Right now the box trap is set over her traditional food bowl and water behind admissions.  The rope is attached, and stretched about 20 feet across the back side of the admissions patio.  

I brought a folding lawn chair for the "cat catcher" to sit in while waiting for her.  It is propped up behind the food bowls.

ANYONE can help.  Simply sit in the lawn chair where you can see the food bowl, but are far enough away to not scare her off.  I believe I have the rope stretched to a perfect spot right now.  Just set up the chair there and wait. When she goes under the trap to eat, simply pull the rope.  The trap will drop.  Hopefully she will be under it.  Then call me on my cell 512-289-0960.   I will come and assist with transferring her to the portable trap, 

There is a kitten, about three months old, with her. They sometimes eat together.  If we catch the mom it will be easy to catch the kitten.  It is OK if we catch the kitten...terrific, in fact.

Please try to catch either one of them.

Once we trap the mom a GAO volunteer will transport her to Austin Humane Society to be spayed.  She will be returned to campus as one of our campus cats after she is spayed.  We really need to stop her from reproducing. She has had sooooo many litters of kittens.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to help a cat while relaxing and doing your homework in a comfortable lawn chair in the shade under the admissions back patio.  What more could you ask for on a lovely day?  PLEASE help me catch this cat.

Kelly Lessard, Advisor to Cat Partners of SU

Cell 512-289-0960

delivered by:Kelly Lessard


Job Opportunity!!

Merced Housing of Texas is looking to hire some tutors for thier San Gabriel Apartment Complex at 1100 Leander Road:

Tutors for general homework assistence. Is a paid position which you can set an hourly wage of your choice!

Contact: Devin at


delivered by:Delylah Brown