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Editing/Canceling an Event

1. From your Dashboard on the Home Page, do an event search and find the event you want to edit. (knowing exact event name really helps but any major word from the event name should help you find your event.)


2. Click on “Name” (of event) in the left column. This takes you to the details of the event.


3. To “Cancel” the event change “Event State” to Cancelled. Give it a few seconds to process. Event State will change to cancelled when done and you don’t need to do anything else.

4. To “Edit” Choose “Edit this Event” tab which is tan with blue letters.


5. You are now in the original Event Wizard request and can change any elements of the request you want.

  • Note 1: You can go to the specific wizard page you want to edit by clicking on the page name in the “Event Details” box on the left side of the page.
  • Note 2: On the “Affirmation Page”, you MUST again select that you “agree” to the terms...

6. You will SAVE on the last page of the Event Wizard. This will take you to the “Successfully Saved” page which allows you to send emails. Select tan button that says “Email”.


7. Here you select the “Related Recipients” who are a part of organizing, supporting or scheduling this event. Note that you can send “Additional Recipients” messages by adding their email addresses. You can also include a message. This is a good idea if you are changing a request made by someone else.


8. After hitting send, you will be back to the “Successfully Saved” page. Close the window with the red X in the upper right corner.