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Financial Aid for Veterans

Veteran FAQs

How much does the Post 9/11 GI Bill cover?

The benefits under the new Post 9/11 GI Bill vary greatly state-by-state. The bill covers the entire in-state undergraduate tuition and fees in all states, but in Texas, it also currently will pay $17,500 of tuition for private schools. Southwestern will also aim to cover the cost of tuition through institutional awards and the yellow ribbon benefits.

Veterans may also transfer all or part of their benefits to a dependent or spouse, although there are different rules for how these benefits can be used. For more information on the Post 9/11 GI Bill, visit: Veterans must turn in all certification paperwork in order to receive their GI Bill benefits.

What other expenses are covered by the GI Bill?

In addition to tuition and fees, veterans may also receive a book stipend of $1,000/year and a monthly living stipend. The living allowance is based on the military Basic Allowance for Housing ranging from $667-2,500 per month.

If my BAH is disbursed monthly, how do I pay for residence halls billed by semester?

You can sign up for our payment plan which will assist you in monthly payments. The payment plan breaks the bill into a 10-month cycle with the first payment due in June.

Who is the VA Representative on campus?

Nadia Mahannah, in our registrar’s office, can help with the Veterans benefits and the certification paperwork. You must submit all of your paperwork in order to be certified.

What other on campus resources do you provide?

Southwestern offers academic and outside assistance to all of our students. Our Center for Academic Success, Health and Counseling Services, and Student Life all provide services to help you transition into your role as a fulltime student.

Are other types of financial aid available?

Our Financial Aid Office can help you with eligibility of other types of aid.

Does SU participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program?

Yellow Ribbon Application
Yes, SU is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. The Yellow Ribbon program is a matching scholarship program between private schools and the VA. It exists to make attendance at private schools a possibility for Post 9/11 GI Bill recipients. Institutions that voluntarily enter into a Yellow Ribbon Agreement with VA choose the amount of tuition and fees that will be contributed. VA will match that amount and issue payment directly to the institution.

Does SU accept any military credit?

We will award veterans with one upper-level FRA (fitness and recreational activity) credit and one lower-level FRA credit.

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