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Financial Aid


The following  forms are available in PDF format. If you have trouble downloading or printing these documents, please let us know.



The Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Special Circumstances Form Adobe Acrobat File

Includes V1-D Verification Worksheet

Special Circumstances Form - Independent Adobe Acrobat File

Includes V1-I Verification Worksheet

Texas Residency Form Adobe Acrobat File

To be eligible for State of Texas funds, you must meet the state residency requirements

Summer Aid Application Adobe Acrobat File

This application is for use by students participating in Southwestern University summer programs.

Financial Aid Information for Study Abroad Participants Adobe Acrobat File

Information Sheetfor Study Abroad Participants

Study Abroad Consortium Agreement Adobe Acrobat File

Per Federal regulations, a Consortium Agreement must exist before a parent institution can process an application for Federal funds for a student attending another host institution.

Outside Scholarship Declaration Form Adobe Acrobat File

Federal, State and Southwestern University policies require that a student notify Southwestern University of any scholarships that he or she will receive from groups or organizations that are external to Southwestern i.e., "outside scholarships". To facilitate this, we are providing this form for you to use in declaring the outside scholarships you will receive in the coming academic year.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form Adobe Acrobat File

Federal, State and Institutional regulations require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in three areas – cumulative GPA, completion rate, and maximum timeframe – to be eligible for financial aid. A complete description of SU’s SAP policy for financial aid can be found online on the Financial Aid Office’s website.

Parent Access to Student Information Adobe Acrobat File

In compliance with FERPA, Southwestern University cannot release a student’s educational record to any person unless authorized by law or unless the student consents to the disclosure in writing. This form gives written consent for Southwestern University to release and discuss a student's educational records as indicated on the form.


Verification Worksheet - Standard

Verification Worksheet - Child Support

Verification Worksheet - HS Completion

Verification Worksheet - Aggregate

Verification Worksheet - Resources