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Transfer: Non-Traditional & Visiting Students

I have a bachelor’s degree and want a second degree.

At Southwestern University a student may obtain a different degree from the one earned first (e.g., after earning a Bachelor of Arts, the student may earn a Bachelor of Science). Students must complete at least an additional 64 hours in residence for the second degree. Southwestern’s liberal arts requirements, as well as the coursework in the new major/minor, will also need to be completed. Southwestern offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education and Bachelor of Music degrees.

I have a bachelor’s degree and I want to obtain my teacher certification.

Please contact Ms. Sue Smith in the Education department by calling 512.863.1476 or via email at Ms. Smith can review your transcript to determine how many credits are lacking in order to obtain certification. Students wanting to enroll at Southwestern for teacher certification should use the Visiting Student Application. Please note: students wishing to obtain emergency certification cannot take required courses and teach at the same time.

I need to take one or two course(s) to transfer back to my current institution.

First, verify that the needed course is going to be offered in an appropriate time frame by viewing the course listings. Second, review the Southwestern University catalog and have an administrator at your current institution verify that the course is appropriate and transferable for your needs. Third, obtain a Visiting Student Application from Southwestern and send the appropriate documents to the University - typically a college transcript or a College Official’s Report from the registrar of the college last attended. It should be noted that though the Admission Office admits students as visiting students, only the faculty member teaching the class grants admission to the specific class needed.

I want to take summer school and transfer it back to my current institution.

A listing of the summer courses is available through the Registrar’s office and is listed on our website mid-spring. Southwestern’s summer program, which runs from Mid-May to Mid-July, is comprised of one 3-week term followed by a five-week term. Note that Southwestern’s summer program course offering is extremely limited. If you are interested in taking a course and transferring the credit back to your current institution, please complete our Visiting Student Application and submit an official college transcript. Students who are interested in taking summer school at Southwestern are encouraged to apply by April 15.

I want to audit a class.

In order to audit a class a student should complete a Visiting Student Application. Permission to audit must be approved by both the professor teaching the course and the Admission office. Courses designed to develop skills and that are “hands-on” in nature such as applied music, studio art or Fitness and Recreational Activities may not be audited.