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Transfer: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Determine Whether Or Not I Am A Transfer Student?

Students who have completed at least a minimum of 12 hours at an accredited college or university after high school graduation or GED certification are considered transfer students.

Students who have taken more than two courses in any one semester/term at another institution are considered transfer students. If courses have been taken to fulfill high school requirements, a student is not considered a transfer student.

Does Southwestern Have a Population of Non-Traditional Students and/or Veterans?

While most Southwestern students are of traditional age and attend classes full-time, we have a small contingent of non-traditional students returning after a long absence from school or attending part time. We recommend that non-traditional students apply after completing at least two semesters of full-time work at another college, with a grade point average of at least 3.0. We also have an increasing number of students returning after military service.  We have created a page with more information regarding using your Military Benefits.  You may also download a printable list of GI Bill and VA related questions.

How Many Hours Must I Take In Order To Transfer To Southwestern?

There is no minimum number of hours required for admission to Southwestern University. The Admission Committee encourages students to be enrolled in at least 12 hours of work the semester prior to enrolling at Southwestern.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Hours I Can Transfer To Southwestern?

A student must take at least 64 hours and must complete at least 60% of the chosen major (and/or minor) at Southwestern in order to earn a degree from Southwestern University. Most transfer students need a minimum of 4 semesters worth of work to obtain a degree from Southwestern.

Is Campus Residency Required?

Campus residency is strongly encouraged for all students. More than 86% of our current students live in our residence halls and on-campus apartments. Residency is required for students who have not completed two full years of college. Information on available married student housing can be found in the Student Handbook.

Are Evening And On-line Courses Offered At Southwestern?

At Southwestern, courses are taught primarily during the day, during working hours. Few night classes are offered. It is not possible for an undergraduate student to obtain a degree from Southwestern solely through the attendance of evening classes. Southwestern does not offer on-line courses.

How Do My Courses Transfer To Southwestern?

All non-technical/non-vocational courses from accredited colleges, in which a student has earned a C- or better, are eligible for transfer to Southwestern. If the course is found comparable to a course at Southwestern, an appropriate course number will be assigned in a transcript evaluation by the Registrar’s Office. Southwestern faculty members may be consulted for course compatibility and the applicant may be asked to submit course descriptions, syllabi and reading lists to complete the official transcript review. If a course is accepted for credit it will be counted as “transfer credit.” No grade points for transfer courses will be calculated in the Southwestern University grade point average. Remedial coursework is not accepted.  Here is a list of transferable classes with Texas Common Course Numbers.

How Do AP Courses Or CLEP Credits Transfer To Southwestern?

In order to obtain credit for advanced placement examinations, transfer students are required to submit an official score report to Southwestern from the College Board. A score of 4 or 5 must be obtained on the AP exam in order to receive credit.

Credits received for CLEP subject examinations while students are enrolled at other universities are usually treated like other transfer credits if they appear on official transcripts.

May I Earn a Second Degree If I Already Have a Bachelor’s Degree?

At Southwestern University a student may obtain a different degree from the one earned first (e.g., after earning a Bachelor of Arts, the student may earn a Bachelor of Science). Students must complete at least an additional 64 hours in residence for the second degree. Southwestern’s liberal arts requirements, as well as the coursework in the new major/minor, will also need to be completed. Southwestern offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science in Education, and Bachelor of Music degrees.

If I Have Previously Applied, How Do I Reactivate My Application?

If you have applied to Southwestern University, you will still need to complete a transfer application.  The Office of Admission does not store application files from previous years.  To apply for transfer admission, please submit the following:

1. A new application for transfer admission with an essay
2. Final high school transcript
3. Official ACT/SAT scores (requirement met if listed on official high school transcript)
4. College transcript(s) from all institutions attended
5. College Official’s Form or Instructor Evaluation

How Does Southwestern Address My Academic Ineligibility?

Transfer students who are academically ineligible from another institution are not eligible for admission at Southwestern University.

What Do I Need In Order To Have My Transcript Reviewed?

If you provide a copy of all college transcripts, a tentative transcript review can be done with the transfer admission counselor during an information session. A formal transcript evaluation by the registrar will be completed after the offer of admission has been sent to the student. This formal evaluation will be sent to the student prior to the time in which the student has to place an enrollment deposit. Sample degree plans may be found here: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts—Theater, Bachelor of Fine Arts—Art, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Science in Education.  You may also find degrees plans by major online.