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SU Student Ambassadors

Southwestern through our students’ lens.

The Video Lens

  • Professor Veerkamp explains the idea behind the Empty Bowl Project, an international movement led by potters to raise awareness about hunger issues and funding to support organizations who provide food security. More information about this great movement can be found at

    Civic engagement is core to #BeSouthwestern.

The Twitter Lens

The Ambassadors are on a break. See what they were up to with #SUAmbassador.

The Written Lens

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    “I planned on making a trip up to Georgetown with my dad to visit campus as well as audition for a fine arts scholarship. …it was a beautiful Georgetown Spring day and we were both entirely sold on the idea of me living here for the next four years.” by Brock Boudoin
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    “Initially, I applied to Southwestern thinking that it would be my back-up school because there was no way that I would go to a university that was smaller than my high school, right? Wrong.” by Najmu Mohseen
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    “My very last performance as an actor in a Southwestern University production has been an absolute blast. The cast and crew of Rumors are all a delight to work with and it’s been such a joy this past weekend to be able to tell this story in front of so many people.” by Kristen Samuelson

The Photo Lens

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    Rumors is Neil Simon’s first farcical play that he wrote in his career. Centering around various wealthy couples at a dinner party in New York in the late 1980s, Rumors is full of quick wit and physical humor. The top of the show starts with the first guests at the dinner party bordering on panic because the host is asleep after having shot himself in the earlobe while the hostess and cook are nowhere to be found. Read more on Medium >>
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    Bent reveals the brutality faced by gay men during the holocaust. The show was incredibly performed and absolutely devastating to watch. Everyone who worked on this show did an amazing job.

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    Students who received a King Creativity Fund grant presented their projects at a symposium held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.