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Verification of Enrollment

The office of the Registrar provides official enrollment verification for students.

Insurance companies, scholarship providers, and potential employers are the most common destinations of enrollment verifications.

The following information will be provided without the signed, written request of the

  • Semester enrollment verification (currently enrolled).
  • Status of attendance, Full-time or Part-time. Not specific number of hours.
  • Verification of dates of attendance. 

The following information requires the student’s signed permission before any verification will be released by Southwestern University.

  • Verification of Social Security Number (SSN) (this includes any paperwork or forms that includes the student’s SSN).  We will not verify any documentation that includes the student’s SSN without his/her signature.
  • Verification of GPA or academic standing information.
  • Exact number of credit hours enrolled.
  • Student’s class schedule.
  • Verification of student’s address and phone number.

Requests for Verification of Enrollment should include:

  • Student’s Name
  • Birth date
  • Requesting person’s telephone number in the event there are questions regarding the verification.
  • Address or Fax information as to where the verification should be sent.
  • Specific information to be included in verification. 
    • Semester(s) enrollment (for example-Spring 2008)
    • Semester(s) or periods of attendance to be verified.

For student authorized verification all of the above should be included in the request in addition to the following:

  • Student’s signature
  • Statement specifically requesting release of GPA
  • Statement specifically requesting release of Printed Class Schedule
  • Statement specifically requesting release of Number of Credit Hours currently taking.

Requests for Verification of Enrollment may be mailed or faxed to:

Office of the Registrar ● P.O. Box 770 ● Georgetown, TX  78627

Phone: 512-863-1952 ● Fax: 512-863-1685

Printable enrollment verification form