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Grading Instructions

Semester grades are due in the Registrar's Office as soon as possible following each final examination given (generally within 72 hours of the final). The deadline for grades is 5:00 PM Monday, following the last final exam (Or file an extension by that time, promising delivery by 8:00 AM on Tuesday, the next day).

  1. Online Submission via Web Advisor is recommended. A one-time pre-approval form must be submitted for authorization. If grades are submitted online, the paper grade rosters need not be submitted.
  2. Paper: Return all Grade Rosters in person unless pre-approved for online grade entry via Web Advisor. Please do not use campus mail, U.S. Mail, or fax!
  3. Fill in the Grade Roster completely, writing at the bottom of the roster the textbooks required, your signature, and the date.
    1. Post grades in ink under FINAL/GRADE between [ ] symbols. (paper only)
    2. Pluses or minuses may be reported on students' grades.
    3. Watch the columns for P/D/F and Audit.
    4. If P/D/F, post a grade of P, D, or F only.

      If Audit, post a grade of AU only.

    5. A student receives a W only when he or she has officially dropped a course. If you think the student has dropped but there is no W (and date) printed on the Grade Request Roster, please check with the Registrar's Office (ext. 1952). Otherwise, report F (on paper, use F-5).
    6. In Spring, Graduating Senior grades are due one week earlier, on the Monday when finals begin, on a separate roster.
  4. GRADING SYSTEM: (See page 29 of the 2008-2009 Catalog.)
    • A Excellent
    • B Above standard
    • C Standard: all required work complete
    • P Pass: P/D/F course (C- or better)
    • D Below standard
    • F Failure
    • W Dropped with record entry
    • AU Audit or non-credit course
    • I Incomplete: Must be replaced with a grade by the end of the last day to add courses for Fall or an F is recorded. (See note below.)

    NOTE:The grade of "Incomplete" is given only in case of emergency - not simply to provide additional time or because the student has missed an exam. A student must use the Petition for Incomplete Grade form available in the Registrar's Office to request an "Incomplete", and this signed form must accompany the grade roster. The change of an "Incomplete" to a grade must be properly reported by 5:00 PM on the last day to add courses the next long semester , or the I becomes an F. Requests by students for an extension of this deadline must be in writing and approved by the professor to be considered.

NOTE: The X symbol in lieu of grade, assigned only in cases of suspected academic dishonesty or completed but inaccessible work (see Student Handbook) must also be accompanied by a form filled out by the instructor. The replacement is due immediately.

NOTE: If the student is simply missing some assigned work, please just calculate the grade using a zero. If the work is found or the absence excused, use a grade change form later.

NOTE: If you wish to give a reason for a deficient grade, write the appropriate code (paper only).

beside the grade:

1 = Excessive absences

2 = Poor application

3 = Low test grades

4 = Assignments missing

5 = Unofficially dropped

6 = Inadequate background

7 = Illness