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Students graduate under the requirements in a specific catalog. The general education requirements, major and minor requirements, and Graduation Requirement Rules from that same catalog must be met. Student must choose a catalog in place at or after their first semester at SU. Each set of requirements expires four and one half years after it is published (2012-2013 requirements are valid through Fall 2016).



Declare Your Major for the First Time before completing 60 credits. In order to declare your major you must complete and submit to the Registrar’s Office a Request for Degree Plan card.  On the card you will fill in your degree choice, major, minor (if applicable), catalog, and anticipated graduation date.  A plan will be created for you and mailed to both your SU box and your advisor.

To later Change Major, Minor, Intended Graduation Date, Catalog, etc. . ..If you have already completed a “Request for Degree Plan” card (i.e., you’ve declared your major) and would like to make changes to any portion of your plan such as adding or deleting a major or minor, changing your anticipated graduation date, moving from a Bachelor of Science to a Bachelor of Arts, adjusting your catalog, etc., you will want to complete a Request for Degree Plan Updateand indicate what you’d like revised within your plan.  Your updated plan will then be sent to your SU box as well as your advisor.

Graduation Audits:  Students are required to complete a graduation audit with the Associate Registrar one full year out from their anticipated graduation date (so if a student is graduating in Fall 2013, their audit would take place in Fall 2012).  Students receive just one audit during their time at SU, thus making and keeping their graduation audit appointment critical.  Appointments for Fall 2013 graduates will be held October 2-18, 2012 and appointments for Spring 2013 graduates will be held February 4-March 28, 2013.  A sign-up sheet will be available at the front desk of the Registrar’s Office one week before appointments begin.  Appointments may not be made over the phone or via email, with the exception of students on approved Study Abroad programs - these will receive audit information via e-mail.

Application for Diploma. Degrees are awarded three times per year, at the end of the fall, spring, and summer terms. Student must file an Application for Diploma form by the deadline specified in the Official Academic Calendar (October 3 for Fall 2012, February 8 for Spring 2013 and Summer 2013). Candidate lists must by pre-approved by both the SU Faculty and Board of Trusteees.

Required Credentials. All SU grades and official transcripts for all external courses must be received before the posting date in order for the degree to be posted that semester. Deadlines include December 18 for Fall 2012, May 6 for Spring 2013, and August 27 for Summer 2013.


The Transcript-by-Course option in Web Advisor sums total and upper level hours and shows which courses count toward general education distribution requirements such as Humanities, Social Justice, or Fine Arts Lecture.

For information about declaring a major, requesting an updated degree plan, application for diploma, or ordering a replacement diploma, you may contact:

Ms. Suzanne Deal, Student Information Specialist,, 512/863-1952 or

Ms. Adrienne Embree, Associate Registrar,, 512/863-1226