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SU Catalogs, Changes, and Degree Plans

The online versions of the  SU Catalog are available on the Registrar’s website,  The catalogs go back to the 2000-2001 edition. Thanks, Bob Paver!

Every degree awarded to an SU student is tied to a catalog.   For example, the 2004-2005 Catalog contains the default set of degree requirements for students entering SU in 2004-5.  However, these requirements expire after four and one half years, and students graduating after that must do so under a later catalog.  Students may elect to switch to any later catalog in use while they are enrolled, subject to the 4.5 year limit.  This change is accomplished by filling out a REQUEST for DEGREE PLAN card.

Significant changes in the 2006-2007 Catalog are:
(1)  Changed General Education Requirements as follows:
            --Area I:          First Year Seminar (one course)
                                    College Writing (one course)
                                    Mathematics (one course)
                                    Foreign Language (fourth semester proficiency)
                                    FRA (two courses)
                                    Intercultural Perspectives (one course—may be met by course(s)
                                                taken in Areas II or III.
                                    Religion (one course)
            --Area II:         Humanities Division Requirement (2 courses/6 hours)
Social Sciences Division Requirement (2 courses/6 hours from two different departments/programs)
Natural Sciences Division Requirement (2 courses/6 hours from two different departments—one course must have experimental lab)
Fine Arts Division Requirement (2 courses/6 hours—one lecture course and one performance/production course)

  1. Added Animal Behavior minor.
  2. Allowed up to 48 hours in a subject area to count toward a degree.

Significant changes in the 2005-2006 Catalog are:
(1)  D grades no longer acceptable in introductory level courses in majors/minors
(2)  addition of Latin American Studies major
(3)  addition of paired SOC/ANT major
(4)  addition of BS option for PSY and ANBE (Animal Behavior)

Significant changes in the 2004-2005 Catalog are:

  1. elimination of the requirement for a minor in the B.S. degree
  2. modifications in the structure of the International Studies major
  3. addition of a Biochemistry major.
  4. modifications in the Environmental Studies major

The most significant changes in the 2003-2004 Catalog were:

  1. elimination of the upper level religion requirement
  2. elimination of math exemptions for exceptional SAT/ACT scores
  3. math requirement now satisfied by any math or computer science course taught at SU.

Students must declare a major (see p.20) after they have completed 60 hrs.  Pre-registration is blocked for those with at least 60 hours and no declared major.  To declare a major, students submit a REQUEST for DEGREE PLAN card.  Each student specifies degree (BA, BS, BM, BFA), major(s), minor(s) (if any), intended semester of graduation, and catalog year.   Upon receipt of the request, the assistant registrar will prepare a degree plan and send it to the student’s SU Box, showing how completed courses count toward degree requirements, and identifying unmet requirements.