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Web Advisor Screen Documentation

(updated 8/22/07)

Faculty Menu Categories

Expanded descriptions may be found below.

FACULTY INFORMATION should be of the most interest to you at this time. Options are:
  • My Advisees (expanded below, in FACULTY OPTIONS)
  • Advisee List
  • Class Roster
  • Grading
  • SU Search for Sections (also available to students)
  • My Class Schedule
  • Student Profile
  • Student Registration Eligibility (Batch).

Student Menu Categories

Expanded descriptions are included later in this document.

  • REGISTRATION was expanded before online pre-registration began in October 2005. Current options are
    • SU Search for Sections. This option also replaces the online Course Schedule formerly on the Office of the Registrar site.
    • Registration Eligibility. Unveiled in March 2005, this shows advisor approval, dates and times of a student’s registration window, and any holds which would prevent registration if not addressed.
    • Register for Sections. A four option menu: Search and Register, Express Registration, Register for Previously Selected Sections, and Drop Sections.
    • Drop Sections
    • Manage My Waitlist
    • Grades (view your grades for a particular semester)
    • Grade Point Average by Term
    • Transcript (listing all courses on SU record)
    • Test Summary
    • My Class Schedule
    • My Profile (showing addresses and other information).

Advisors Menu Categories

These are expanded below in FACULTY OPTIONS

  • My Advisees, installed in December 2004, includes schedule, transcript, test summary, profile, and a view of student registration eligibility (see student options, below) for your advisees. Select the advisee from a list, then the action.
  • Advisee Lists
  • Search for Classes
  • Student Registration Eligibility (Batch)
  • Coming soon: Student Educational Planning will provide access to degree audit results.

Options for Department Chairs. These are reached via the Faculty Menu. They include (1) departmental class rosters, (2) registration eligibility by student for all students advised by faculty in the department, and (3) rosters of department majors or minors.

Feedback and Comments may be sent to Dave Stones in the office of the Registrar,

Access for individuals requires entry via the SU Portal at Login is required, using SUeID and password.

Guest access to the SU Search for Sections via the Prospective Student menu does not require login. Use the links from the Registrar’s Registration web page.

Semester Codes. To access semester-specific information, one should be familiar with SU’s semester codes. They are in the form yy/tt, where yy is the last two digits on the year, and tt is the term abbreviation (FA=fall, SP=spring, S1=Summer I or May Term, S2=Summer II or June Term, S3=Summer III or non-resident term). For example, Spring 2009 would be 09/SP, while Fall 2005 would be 05/FA.

Faculty Web Adviser Options

Note that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is still in force, and that student-specific information may not be released to the general public nor to other students.

My Advisees

This package is a menu in itself. After selecting an advisee, pick among the options for that student: (see Student Options for discussion):

  • View Student Transcript - list of courses taken
  • View Student Schedule – list of courses for a particular semester
  • View Student Test Summary– test score information
  • View Student Profile – student profile
  • View Student Eligibility – view student registration eligibility. Update advisor approval for one advisee. Similar information to that displayed for students. No SSN or SU ID is needed to use this option within My Advisees. Also see Batch Option below.
  • View Preferred Sections – list from which students may register.


Advisee Lists

Alpha order list of all current advisees. Includes SU ID, name, Cumulative SU GPA, ungraded credits (hours in progress or pre-registered), attempted credits, and earned credits (completed and passed).

To avoid seeing all students ever assigned as your advisee, specify a term using the pull-down list or date range in the parameter screen. Submitting with no limits will yield a comprehensive list (since the data base was populated in the early 1990’s). To “lose” advisees who have changed to another advisor since the start of the semester, specify a date range rather than the semester.

At the bottom is a button to e-mail all advisees, via the BCC field to prevent exposure of student e-mail addresses.)


Class Roster

Specify a semester or date range within semester parameter to generate a list of sections taught that semester. Courses are listed for the faculty member, and may be selected individually for roster display. (** note that if multiple items are marked, yielding an error message, one may need to return to the menu to recover.)

For the section selected, items displayed in a spreadsheet-type format are name, SU ID, e-mail address (always the Southwestern one), a Pass/D/F and Audit bases indicator, classification, status (New or Add), credits, CEUs (not used), and a selection box for moving to the student profile for a given student. Use the BACK button to return to the roster.

The data for a class roster may be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet. This may be used to obtain a better formatted printout.

At the bottom is a button to e-mail the entire class, via the BCC to limit exposure.)



For reporting final grades. Three steps: entry, review, submission.

Pre-authorization of faculty is required before this option may be used. Use the form available on the registrar’s website. Once authorized to submit grades via Web Advisor, faculty should not need to be reauthorized – unless their faculty contracts lapse, and they later return.

This screen will time out, so be sure to submit frequently – once every 10 minutes should be safe. You may SUBMIT multiple times as long as you change nothing which has already been submitted (as that would prevent any updates from “taking”).

Once you SUBMIT, grades are in the system and available for students to view. They are also unavailable for you to change online.

Audits will prevent most invalid entries.

Dropped courses will be identified. Do not enter grades for dropped courses (D or W).

X and I grades still require paper forms. These may be printed from the registrar’s website.

In May, grades for graduating seniors are due a week earlier than the rest of the grades. Web Advisor displays ALL students, including those graduating, those not graduating, and those in cross-listed sections. Faculty may enter just the graduating senior grades and submit those, leaving the rest blank. Grades for others may be entered and submitted later. Grades entered earlier and submitted may not be changed via Web Advisor. Note Well: This means that a grade submitted earlier will display on this roster, and changing it in any way will cause the entire batch of newly entered grades to be rejected. Be sure to submit often!

While Web Advisor displays student classification, it does not identify which seniors are to graduate; nor does it identify Pass/D/F enrollments – check your printed grade rosters for that information.

Ignore the “expire date” column. Leave that blank.

Faculty will be able to receive final printed copies for their records. These are also viewable via Web Advisor.

Available since Spring 2004.

90% used it for Spring 2007.

SU Search for Sections

This option provides some search features (such as day, time, and instructor) for classes. It displays comments like those in the printed course schedule, and also allows search by POK status, division requirements, FY appropriateness, etc.

Useful for advisors in helping students, and for faculty to search for their own classes and to audit the information early, so changes can be made before the Course Schedule goes to press.


My Class Schedule

If today is Tuesday, where am I supposed to be now? This lists all classes for the semester in question for the faculty member logged on. Course number, title, days and time, building and room, and start and end dates are listed.

Detailing on a particular section provides more information, including prerequisites. It will not show POK status, allied status, comments, and similar items, like the SU Search for Sections.


Student Profile

Advisors may view a profile page for their advisees via this screen.

These are invoked by using the SU ID (all 7 digits are required, including leading zeros) or SSN. Faculty are prevented from seeing the profiles of students who are neither in their classes nor their advisees. Profiles of students in your classes must be accessed from the class roster option, rather than the Student Profile menu option.

Items included are preferred name and address, e-mail, home phone, academic program, major, anticipated graduation date, advisor, and advisor e-mail.


Student Registration Eligibility (Batch)

Spreadsheet-style list of all advisees, allowing advisor to mark advising flag for multiple students at one time.


Dept. Chair Class Rosters

A department chair is allowed to see any class roster in his/her department(s). A list of sections is presented. This function is dependent upon an online table (XDOT) maintained by the Office of the Registrar – plus a department code on the FCTY faculty record.


Dept Chair Regis Elig. By Student

Similar to the XSRE option within My Advisees, but requiring knowledge of the student ID. This will allow the department chair of the department of the student’s advisor to mark the advising switch. The decision about whether to do so is up to the chair.


Dept Chair Major/Minor Lists

Allows the department chair to see lists of majors or minors in his/her department.



STUDENT Web Advisor Options:

***Please note well that you must sign off or log out when finished in order to prevent another person from viewing your information. ***

SU Search for Sections

This provides some search features (such as day, time, and instructor) for classes. The information displayed should be similar to that on the Registrar’s Course Schedule page, but the latter includes specific searches by POK category and courses appropriate for first-year students.


Registration Eligibility

This option displays advisor approval (or need) for the selected semester. It also shows the start and end boundaries of the registration window. Finally, any holds (for financial accounts or missing paperwork) which would prevent one from registering are displayed.


Register for Sections

Five options:
Search and Register for Sections
Express Registration
Register for Previously Selected Sections**
Drop Sections**
Manage My Waitlist**
** require meeting eligibility requirements (advised, in time window, and without restrictions (financial or administrative holds)).



Registration Menu Option #1: Search and Register for Sections. This is similar to the Search for Sections option, but the student may select courses from those found. Once the choices are saved via a click of the SUBMIT button, the courses remain on a Preferred Sections List for the student. This may occur prior to advising, time window, and clearance of holds. The “preferred list” may be viewed after adding more sections here, or at any time via Option #3, below. The actions listed in Option #3 (RG, RM, WL, and RP) may also be specified here, but will work only if all required conditions are met. Option #3 might be a better choice for the next step.

(mod. 10/18/05)


Registration Menu Option #2: Express Registration. If the exact semester, department, course and section are known, this option may be used (without the search) to add classes to the Preferred Section List. This may occur prior to advising, time window, and clearance of holds. The list may then be viewed using Option #3.



Registration Menu Option #3: Register for Previously Selected Sections.

First, courses already selected for the preferred list by options #1 or #2 may be viewed here at any time.

This option also allows students to request registration in the sections on the Preferred Section List. A studentthis may do with a single command, for all courses at once, or by using the RG option for each. This same mechanism is used for adding courses after the initial registration window, and through the 3rd class day. Specifying any of the actions on this screen requires meeting eligibility requirements (being advised, in the time window, and without restrictions (financial or administrative holds)).
**NOTE WELL: If the student requests registration in multiple sections with a single SUBMIT, and if any of the requests cannot be honored, then ALL REQUESTS WILL FAIL. The RG request must then be removed (“unclicked”) and the SUBMIT button clicked again. This is the “All or Nothing” feature.

RM may be used to remove courses from the Preferred List, but do not mix RM requests with RG or other requests.

Watch for error messages! These appear in the top section of the screen. Your transaction may not have worked! The transaction status also displays toward the left on each course in the preferred list. If the add or register transaction was successful, the course is also listed on the current schedule (below).

Overloads are not allowed in pre-registration. A student may never register for more than 18 hours using Web Advisor. Students adding a 19th hour for Paideia may bring an unsigned add card to the Registrar at any time. Others will be considered at the end of pre-registration, based on Catalog rules.

Most Prerequisites are not enforced by Web Advisor. However, a warning message will probably display at the top of the screen, and it should be heeded – students not meeting prerequisites may be dropped by the professor or department after classes begin.

If your add transaction fails because the section is full, you may select the WL option to cause your name to be added to a waitlist for that section. The course will appear on a waitlist section of the screen. If space becomes available, you may be contacted by the department about submitting an add card.

Web Advisor sessions are subject to timing out. Be sure to save or submit periodically (perhaps every 5 minutes) to avoid loss of your work.

(mod. 10/18/05)


Registration Menu Option #4: Drop Sections. May be used to drop sections directly, from within the Registration sub-menu. Web Advisor drops will be allowed during posted registration windows up until the time (end of second week of class) when instructor and advisor signature are required. After that, signed add cards must be used.



Registration Menu Option #5: Manage Waitlist. See below.


Register and Drop

Same as above. Also available in the higher-level menu. Note that Web Advisor will not allow a student to drop to zero hours. See The Office of Academic Services and Advising for that.


Manage My Waitlist

Once on waitlists, this option allows one to monitor waitlist seat counts and status. A course may be removed from waitlist consideration here.



This produces a list of terms attended. The student may select one for more detail.

For a particular semester, the SU student may see his/her grades as they are reported and entered into the SU student database, which is part of Datatel’s Colleague student information system. Credit hours by course and semester GPA are also displayed.


Grade Point Average by Term

For a particular semester, total semester hour credits, grade points, and GPA are displayed. Also, each course is listed with the grade earned and credits. The term selection screen is similar to that for Grades.



All transcript work is under UG (undergraduate); select that to view.

The screen lists all SU courses taken, chronologically, along with the grade earned, credit value of the course, and semester taken. See semester codes in Common Section, above.

If the grade is blank, and credit is listed as zero hours, the course is probably non-course based proficiency - for Spanish, for example.

If the grade is blank, but positive semester hours are listed, this should be transfer credit or advanced placement credit. If both the grade and the hours are blank, the course is still in progress.


Test Summary

Displays dates and scores for Admission Tests, Placement Tests, and Departmental Exams which have been entered into the student data base.


My Class Schedule

For a particular selected term, this option lists:

  • course number and title,
  • status (NEW = original pre-registration or registration, ADD = later registration),
  • building and room,
  • Lecture or Lab designation,
  • days and time,
  • instructor,
  • credit hours,
  • CEU’s (not used),
  • P for pass/D/F, AU for audit,
  • start date.

Detailing on a specific course results in a page of information about the course, description, prerequisites, faculty, and faculty contact information (phone and e-mail). Click Close (at bottom) to return to schedule.


My Profile

A good summary of the address, phone, and mailing information SU has for you. (Includes all phone numbers, but not local address). Also, your emergency contact information, academic advisor (and contact info), academic program and major/minor, and anticipated graduation date.

Your preferred mailing address is used for official correspondence such as grade mailers and tuition bills, and it is important that it be accurate. Changes to address information may be made via a form located in the Office of the Registrar, in the Cullen Bldg.