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Web Registration Tips
Southwestern University
(updated 10/9/06)


Check your Web Advisor access early.   Passwords expire every 6 months.

Check early for Business Office or other holds, and take steps to clear them.

Use “Search for Classes” early, pre-selecting courses of interest.  Monitor seat counts.   Try to have sections of interest selected before talking with advisor, definitely before the start of your registration window.  Note that you may clean up your preferred section list via the RM=remove option.

If the section is full when you try to register, consider using the WL option to add your name to a wait list.

Keep extra sections on your preferred section list.  They won’t hurt anything, and will make monitoring easier.


Don’t get timed out! You have a limited time between selecting a course or action and clicking on the SUBMIT button.  In most cases, you may make multiple selections at different times, and Web Advisor will save everything.  Saving every 5 minutes would be a good strategy.

Heed warning messages about required prerequisites and co-requisites.  You could be dropped from the course later if lacking them.  Some other messages also cause none of the requested transactions to be processed.  Double-check when finished.

ALL or NOTHING.  You may request RG=register for multiple sections at once, but a problem with one request causes all requests to fail.   Remove the “RG” from the section with problems and click SUBMIT again.  Then find a replacement for the bad section.

Never Mix RM or DROP transactions with RG (register) transactions in the same submission.  Mixed modes result in nothing being processed (but should result in an error message)

Avoid using the Back Button on your browser to circumvent going back through the menu system.  The data are not always refreshed when you do that.  If you must, follow with a REFRESH or RELOAD command.

In the WA menus, use SINGLE CLICKS – NOT DOUBLE CLICKS.  A double click will make Web Advisor think you have requested the same thing twice.  Close the browser, get back in, and try it again with single clicks.


SIMILAR BUT DIFFERENT: CONSENT REQUIREMENT STATEMENTS.  Red & Yellow, Kill a Fellow; Red & Black, Don’t Attack.  Coral Snake vs. King Snake.  Web Registration also has some similar sounding messages with different meanings:




Registrar’s page online course schedule

“Consent of Instructor.”

True statement, you must have the instructor’s permission to be in the course, however your registration will not be blocked.  This may be enforced later by the instructor.

Registrar’s page online course schedule

“[Instructor Signature required on adds after prereg window]”

You may register for this course via Web Advisor during your registration window as long as space is available.  After the open add/drop period begins (Nov 14 for Spring 2007), instructor signature is required on an add card.

Registrar’s page online course schedule

“No Web Reg;Signed Add Card Required”

You may not register for this section via Web Advisor.  Obtain an add card, get the instructor to sign it, and bring it to the Office of the Registrar for processing at any time after the start of your registration window.





(Time Out Message)

Classes selected or choices entered since your last save or submit may be lost.  Redo the search or add/register action. 

(Message Regarding Too Many Simultaneous Users of Web Advisor), or Maximum number of connections has been reached.  Please try again later.

This message means too many individuals used the SUBMIT button at the same time.  Redo your transaction.  We don’t expect this to happen.  If it does, please contact the Office of the Registrar, 863-1952.

Registered for this section

Successful add!

Dropped from this section.     

Successful Drop!

CHE51-573-01..prerequisites have not been started  OR CHE51-573-01 requires registration in CHE51-571.      

These are warning messages about prerequisites and co-requisites.  They are not enforced during registration, but you may be dropped from the course later if you do not have these.  Pay heed!

HIS16-303-01 – RGSRADD: Student cannot add via Web Advisor for signature-required courses.    

If the online Course Schedule shows “Instructor Signature Required on Adds After Prereg Window” the section may be obtained online during the initial registration window, but adds during the open drop/add period must be done via signed add cards.  Advisor signature is not needed.

ENG10-643-01 conflicts with COM75-623-01.    

Web Advisor will not allow a student to register for sections which have time conflicts.  The English class was not added.     If exceptional circumstances make this conflict acceptable, the instructor must sign an add card permitting the conflict.

Section ENG10-013-03 is “closed” (22/20). Enrollment Not Allowed.   

This means the section is full, with 22 students enrolled and a section cap of 20.  Registration might be possible in cases of extreme need, but requires an add card with signature of instructor or department chair (see link to a table of department chairs on the main page of the Registrar’s website).

RGPERMIT: Student does not have advisor permission to register.  

Check advisor permission on the Web Advisor Registration Eligibility screen.

Student is not allowed to register, check registration start/end dates.      

Check the Web Advisor Registration Eligibility option to see your registration window.

"BUS30-303-02 - Student requires instructor consent to register in BUS30-303-02".  

Instructor permission is required in the form of a signature on an add card, delivered to the Office of the Registrar.  If already marked as advised in Web Advisor, no advisor signature is needed on the card.

Registration in ENG10-643-01 puts student in overload.  Petition is required.

This message states that you are trying to enroll in more than 18 hours.  To add this course you must have the Registrar’s approval and then the instructor permission is required in the form of a signature on an add card. 

Multiple Submit Warning. The requested web page is inaccessible as you have sumitted the page multiple times.

In the WA menus, use SINGLE CLICKS – NOT DOUBLE CLICKS.  A double click will make Web Advisor think you have requested the same thing twice.  Close the browser, get back in, and try it again with single clicks.