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Academic Records

The Center for Academic Success and Records collects, maintains, and retains academic records for all students who have attended Southwestern University. Our office is responsible for scheduling classes, assigning classrooms, course registration and processing of the grades submitted by the faculty.

 Ahoy, Online Sprogs!

If you are participating in our remote version of Sprog Day on May 22 or 23, please use these tools:

1. Click here for the New Student Advising Worksheet; printing this and the Daily Schedule will help you register.

2. Click here for the WebAdvisor Instructions packet; again, printing this will help you register.

**PLEASE NOTE: you need to have registered for this program in order to participate. Open registration is 6/16/14-6/21/14.


Degree Plan Templates

Go here (Adobe PDF) for templates of all 2013-2014 degree plans.


Go here (Adobe PDF) for templates of all 2014-2015 degree plans.