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Transfer Students

Students transferring into Southwestern University have the opportunity to be a part of Paideia.

Southwestern University’s Paideia Curriculum provides students an educational experience that is interdisciplinary, integrative, and intentional.  The curriculum consists of a series of courses oriented around a central theme (“cluster”) and a Paideia seminar, which brings together students across the theme in a team-taught course. Paideia fosters and promotes connections among academic courses, intercultural experiences, and civic engagement. 

Following their First-Year Seminar,* all students will indicate their cluster preference and will be placed into a cluster.   Students will take three interconnected courses over the subsequent semesters, culminating with the Paideia seminar in their junior or senior year.  

*Students who enter Southwestern with 30 or more credits of transfer work will count Advanced-Entry Seminar as one of their cluster courses.

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Advanced Entry Seminar