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Paideia Seminar

Paideia seminarThe 4-credit seminars, taken in the junior or senior year, will serve as the final course in each student’s interdisciplinary general education program. They serve as integrative spaces for students to reflect on their clustered courses as well as explore how their interdisciplinary experiences relate to their experiences within their home discipline(s). Each seminar is connected to one of the themed clusters.

The upper-level seminars, each enrolling approximately 20 students, are team-taught by two faculty members.  Each student participant will have completed at least two courses in their theme-based course cluster before enrolling in the seminar; the third cluster course may be taken concurrently with the seminar. The Paideia Seminars function as integrative spaces where students bring together and distill the collective impact of their clustered courses.

The team-taught, theme-based Paideia Seminar is an exciting venue for faculty collaboration and student learning. They will feature informed, focused discussion and explicitly integrative activity based on the seminar theme. Students and faculty are encouraged to participate in joint reading, focused discussion and enthusiastic co-learning on the part of faculty and student partners.