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Mediterranean Mingling: Diversity and Cultural Intercourse

Cluster Description & Course Offerings
(courses marked with * have prerequisites)

Living in Texas, we are daily reminded of the relevance of diversity, migration, and exchange to the world around us. Famous for its wine, olives, and cheese, the Mediterranean, a sea of intersections and fluid borders, also serves as a useful model for understanding the global issues at the core of much contemporary and historical confluence and conflict. The cultural, historical, and ecological complexity where three continents--Europe, Asia and Africa--meet invites multiple perspectives and engages a broad range of interests, from art to food, faith to politics, language to literature and beyond.

Art History
Thomas Howe
Hellenistic Art (FAL) (WA) (x-listed w/ CLA)
Italian Renaissance Art (FAL) (WA)
Hal or Pam Haskell
Greek Civilization (Hum) (IP) (WA) (x-listed w/ HIS)
Greek & Roman Mythology (Hum) (IP) (WA) (x-listed w/ HIS, REL)
John ā€œJā€ Wehrley Chapman ā€™60 Roman Civilization (Hum) (IP) (WA) (x-listed w/ HIS)
Environmental Studies
Anwar Sounny-Slitine
Environmental CIS
Francis Mathieu
*French Culture (Hum) (IP)
*Plural France: Immigration, Integration, Multicultural Identities (H) (WA)
Melissa Byrnes
Muslims in Europe (Hum) (x-listed w/ REL)
Phil Hopkins
*History of Western Philosophy: Ancient (Hum)
Political Science
Bob Snyder
*Middle East Politics (IP)
Laura Hobgood-Oster
Heretics in the Christian Tradition (Hum) (WA) (x-listed w/ FST)
Introduction to the Christian Tradition (Hum) (SJ)
Molly Jensen
Introduction to Judaism (Hum)
Religion and Sustainable Agriculture in the Mediterranean
Seminar in Judaism: Land, Food, and Jewish Identity (Hum) (WA)
Ted Jobe
*Cultures of Spain (Hum) (SJ) (IP)
Katy Ross
*Gender, Race, & Nationalism in Spanish Cinema (x-listed w/ FST)
*Race and Immigration in Spanish Literature
Sergio Costola
East Meets West: Interculturalism and Theatre (FAL) (WA) (IP)
Theatre History (FAL) (WA)

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