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Intercultural Learning

We recognize the inherent interdisciplinarity of intercultural learning and its importance to the liberal arts.  Paideia makes these kinds of opportunities both more intentional and more available to our students.

Southwestern currently requires all students to achieve proficiency in a foreign language and to take at least one “intercultural perspectives” (IP) course as part of their general education; many students also engage in intercultural learning through their coursework in both departments and existing interdisciplinary programs (such as International Studies). Paideia will provide student scholarships of up to $2500 for intercultural learning experiences.  Scholarships are competitive and need-based.

After completing their experiences, all students will have the opportunity to reflect in a public setting at an annual event that showcases student research and other projects  From Every Voice: A Student Works Symposium and a seminar conducted by the Office of Intercultural Learning.