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Operation Achievement




Coordinator— Jeanette Montalvo

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Our Lady of the Lake University - San Antonio, Texas 


I am very happy to be a part of Operation Achievement, a mentoring/partnership program between SU and the Georgetown ISD.   This year, we have ten incredibly talented SU students working as Staff Supervisors in the fall, and twelve working in the spring,  when two of our students studying abroad return to us.  Please look over the bios attached and become acquainted with these uniquely qualified students and their positions within the OA program.   We look forward to another amazing and incredibly successful year in Operation Achievement.   


OA  Staff Supervisors


School Liaison for Tippit Middle School - Emma Lynch (Fall 2014) 

I will be the Liaison for Tippit Middle School in the Fall of 2014.  In the spring, I will be training a new school liaison and continuing my senior year at Southwestern.   I will be doing my student teaching in my quest to be a middle school teacher.  This is my third year with OA and I love the program!


School Liaison to Tippit Middle School-Daniel Dumitru (Spring 2015) 

My name is Daniel Dumitru and I’m a senior Communication Studies major.  I have been a school liaison for Benold Middle School in the Fall Semester and will be the School Liaison for Tippit Middle School in the Spring of 2015.   I have been a part of Operation Achievement for the past four years while having been on staff two of those years.   I love the activities and enrichments we do (egg drop if my favorite!) as well as hanging out with the mentors and mentees.  I have a blast with OA and think it’s one of the best programs out there!


School Liaison to Benold Middle School—Tory Garza

Hi!  my name is Tory Garza.  I am a sophomore and studying Psychology and Business.  I was a mentor for one year before joining Operation Achievement as a Staff Supervisor.   This Spring (2015) I will be the School Liaison for Benold Middle School.   I am super excited for my first year on staff and as a School Liaison at OA!


School Liaison to Forbes Middle School—Taylor Kunz

Hey Y’all!  My name is Taylor Kunz and I am a junior Secondary Education major.  This is my third year in OA and second year on staff.   This year I am the school liaison for Forbes middle School.  I’m so excited to be starting this new position and can’t wait to see what the new school year brings!


Coordinator OARS Reward System—Cori Gagliardi 

Hi all! My name is Cori Gagliardi and I am a senior Education Major at Southwestern University. This is my fourth  year with OA and my second year on staff. I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was 6 and have always really enjoyed working with young adults. This year I will be in charge of the OARS Reward System and can’t wait to get to know all of the new students in the program as well as visit with all our returning kiddos. I am looking forward to a really great yea


  Coordinator OARS Reward System - Cadie Pullig

Hello, my name is Cadie Pullig.  I’m a sophomore Sociology major.  I was a mentor last year in OA, and this is my first year on staff as a staff supervisor.  I will be working along with Cori Cagliardi in the position of Coordinator of the OARS program.  OA is an awesome program, and I am so proud to be a part of it!


Database Coordinator— Eowyn Scott

Hello, my name is Eowyn Scott. I’m a senior Psychology major that has always worked with kids either through camps, babysitting or other volunteer work. I have been a volunteer mentor for OA for two years before I joined the OA staff as the Database Coordinator last year.   I love being a part of the OA staff and I can not wait to have another wonderful year in Operation Achievement! 


Tippit Lead Mentor—Nathan Leeds 

My name is Nathan Leeds. I am from Houston, Texas and am a Math and Education major. This is my senior year at Southwestern.  It is my second year on  staff and I will be both a staff supervisor and a lead mentor this year.  I’m looking forward to another great year of OA!


Benold Lead Mentor ——Sebastian Villamil

Hi, my name is Sebastian Villamil and I am a sophomore Biology and Spanish double major.  This is my second year in OA and my first year on staff.  I love OA and I am so excited to help out even more this year.  Let’s have a great year!


Forbes Lead -Mentor- Nathan Leads 
My name is Nathan Leeds. I am a Senior  at Southwestern University. I am a double major in Math and Secondary Education. This is my fourth year working with OA, and my secon year on staff. I am excited to be a lead mentor on Wednesday  and a Co-lead mentor for Forbes on Thursdays this semester. 


Forbes Lead -Mentor - Kristopher Yanez

Hello, my name is Kristopher Yanez and I am a junior Bio-Chemistry major.  During my first three semesters at SU I was a mentor for OA and joined this fall as a Staff Supervisor.  I love spending time with kids and hope that they have a wonderful time while at OA.