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First-year Seminar

The Southwestern Group


We are a group of Southwestern University first-year students who have an interest in philanthropy and taking an active role in the community. We have been blessed with the incredible opportunity to donate a $4,000 grant funded by the Georgetown Health Foundation and Regions Bank. We are looking for a community organization that provides services and values personal contact with senior citizens in Williamson County.

Aware that the county’s large elderly population is expanding, we are particularly concerned about individuals with unrecognized or unmet needs. We are interested in organizations who act to improve the general well-being of local seniors, especially those with lower incomes.

We would like to invest our time and allotted funds in a local organization that can have a meaningful impact on the elderly community’s quality of life. We have a strong desire to integrate relationships between ourselves and the aging community in Williamson County.

Request for Proposals

We invite applications for a one-time grant to be administered in October 2013 used over a six-month period, ending no later than April 2014.

The application form is available here. We ask that all applications be submitted electronically to by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

We will conduct site visits of each finalist; as these visits cannot conflict with our academic schedules, some will need to take place outside weekday business hours. To be considered for the grant, applicants must therefore be willing to host a site visit on the afternoon of Friday October 4, 2013 or over the weekend of October 5th - 6th.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at