Who can help me?

David Gaines, Director of National Fellowships and Scholarships, is Southwestern’s designated advisor. He oversees all institutional efforts on behalf of enrolled students and recent graduates. He works with fellowship and scholarship committee members, the staff in the Career Services Office and the Center for Academic Success, and faculty and staff across campus to provide accurate, timely, and realistic information about such opportunities.

Where do I get information about specific fellowships and scholarships?

Each semester the Fellowships and Scholarships Office will host an information session about the process in general and specific programs. “Campus Notices” and occasional targeted e-mails will provide information about various opportunities. The website of each program always contains the official and most up-to-date information. Anyone interested in or in the process of applying should always examine the website.

Students planning to continue their academic careers after graduating from Southwestern can find information on grants and fellowships for graduate studies in the University of Illinois’ Fellowship Finder.

How do I know if I Qualify?

As well as speaking with advisors you should read the eligibility guidelines for specific fellowships and scholarships by way of the links to specific opportunities.