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Sample Presentations

These samples are provided to illustrate the format and style of a variety of presentations. 

Example Poster Templates in PowerPoint (ppt)

Posters can be up to 46” in width.


Example Creative Works

3D Display Project, Amir Hessabi, Class of 2016

Fulgentia Paideia: Latin Alive, Carly Ammel, Class of 2018; Charlie Fisher, Class of 2016; Madison Martin, Class of 2017; Sarah Orsak, Class of 2018; Margaet Rowand, Class of 2018; Mary-Caroline Trevino, Class of 2018

Up-Hill Assist Self-Powered Bicycle, Stephan Meyer, Zach Whitlock, Jonathan Kissner, Austin Barber

The Perfect Glaze: Using Evolutionary Computing to Format the Most Aesthetically Pleasing Glaze, Taylor Hutchison, Victoria J Hutchison


Example Performance

SU Chorale Performance Southwestern University Chorale, Kenny Sheppard, conductor, and Pam Rossman, pianist, The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace, by Welch composer Karl Jenkins