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Abstract Preparation Guide

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to present some aspect of their scholarly and creative work at the symposium through oral presentations, poster displays, exhibitions, panels, or performances.


The title should inform the reader about content and stimulate interest in the presentation.

Background and Rationale

Provide some background and a rationale for the study. What does your reader need before they can understand why you performed this scholarship/creative activity? Set the stage for further information on the topic.


Provide methods for how you accomplished your goals. How did you perform the study? What methods did you use to achieve your results? Check that your methods match the upcoming results.


Choose your most significant findings and describe them. What did you accomplish? What is most important for your peers to know about your work?


Interpret your results for a broader audience. What can you conclude from your study? How do your results impact larger issues?


Students - Your faculty/advisor must read and approve your abstract before submission. Ask your faculty/advisor to proofread carefully for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Faculty - No approval necessary

Staff - No approval necessary


If there are symbols within your abstract they may not submit properly through the system.  Please also submit your abstract through e-mail in a word document to Christine Vasquez,