Engaging Minds, Transforming Lives

The Brown Symposium at Southwestern

Suggested Resources


Let’s Talk About Sex (2011, 63 min)

Director James Houston portrays the negative consequences that result when we don’t talk about sex in our schools, homes, and churches. He travels to the Netherlands to compare how American attitudes toward adolescent sexuality differ from the Dutch, whose teens have lower rates of pregnancy and disease despite becoming sexually active at the same age as Americans.

Orgasm Inc (2011, 80 min)

Equal parts shocking and entertaining, director Canner exposes Big Pharma’s failed profit-driven mission to find the “female Viagra” to treat the manufactured disease of “FSD”, female sexual dysfunction.

Trans (2012, 93 min)

A beautiful and compelling film that chronologically follows the lives (some good, some bad, others tragic) of diverse trans individuals, including a child, a teen, a middle-aged doctor, and a sex worker; the stories are not narrated but told in the first person by the subjects themselves.

Born a Boy, Brought up a Girl: The David Reimer Story (1997, 40 min)

This riveting documentary summarizes the horrifying and tragic tale of David Reimer, a twin boy who was raised as a girl after a surgical accident occurred during his circumcision; Reimer was under the care of controversial Dr. John Money, who believed that nurture, not nature, determines our gender identity. (Available free on the Internet, shown in 5 parts)