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The Brown Symposium at Southwestern

Sex Talk “Starter” Card Pack: Idea Contest


To capitalize on the momentum I hope will be caused by this year’s Brown Symposium, I’d like to give attendees a “discussion starter pack” to take home with them. (The card pack would replace more traditional symposium “favors”, such as tote bags and water bottles). The idea is that “players” could use the card pack to have fun and engaging discussions about sex and relationships with a group of friends, with their romantic partner, with family members, etc.


I am soliciting ideas for the cards in the pack, and envision a variety of formats, including:

  • fact-based quizzes (e.g., a 5-question T/F or matching quiz on STIs, male or female anatomy, gender differences in communication, etc.),
  • brief personality scales that relate to sexuality or relationships, and
  • discussion starters, including
    • questions (e.g., “After what length of time is it okay to tell a new partner that you love them?”)
    • facts from the literature (e.g., the card could describe the 3 attachment styles and ask players to identify their own and previous partners’ styles)
    • hypothetical scenarios (e.g., the card could describe an ambiguous sexual situation between two college students that upset one of the students; players would talk about whether consent was given and whether misconduct occurred)
    • debates—players could be asked to discuss/debate a controversial topic, such as the legalization of prostitution or Internet censorship (2-3 good, reputable references should be provided for further reading, covering both sides of the issue)

NOTE: All card ideas (regardless of format) should contain additional helpful information that can be printed on the back of the card (e.g., answers to the quizzes, facts on a discussion topic, or suggested readings or websites). 


All topics related to sex and relationships are fair game (e.g., sex education, sexual orientation, political issues, relationships, love, STIs, communication, consent, anatomy and physiology, gender differences, gender roles and stereotypes, contraception, sexual dysfunction, sex and aging, sexual variation, sex and disability, power/sexual coercion, sex and the media, and many others).


If the idea is not something you came up with on your own (which is perfectly acceptable), it is important that you provide the source (either the original reference, or at least the source where you found the idea—i.e., the website, book, magazine) so that the idea can be properly attributed. (If it is your own original idea, please say so).

Contest rules

  • Each week for 3 weeks (starting Friday, October 19th and ending Friday, November 2nd), all entries submitted will be entered into a drawing for 3 $25 gift cards from Target. Winners will be notified by email and listed on the Brown Symposium page.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted (the more entries you submit, the greater your chance of winning).
  • Anyone can participate (e.g., you do not have to be a Southwestern student to submit an idea or to be eligible for prizes).
  • Everyone who contributes an idea chosen for the card pack will receive a free Brown Symposium t-shirt and will be credited by name in the card pack.


  • To submit an entry, email your idea (following the guidelines above) to, along with your t-shirt size (unisex from XS to XL).