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Extramural Guests

Faith E. Beasley
(Lecture 1)

Professor of French and Women's and Gender Studies
Dartmouth College


Linda Essig

(Salons 2 and 3) 

Professor and director, p.a.v.e. program in arts entrepreneurship
Arizona State University

Kenneth Gladish

(Salons 2 and 3)

CEO and President
The Seton Foundation

Marjanne E. Gooze

(Lecture 2)

Associate Professor of German
University of Georgia

Eleanor Heartney

(Salons 1 and 3)

Author, Art and Today and co-author, After the Revolution: Women who Transformed Contemporary Art
New York, NY


Jonah Lehrer

(Salons 1 and 2)

Author, How We Decide and Proust was a Neuroscientist; contributing editor, WIRED Magazine

Sarah Holmes Miller

(Salons 1 and 2)

Rhodes Scholar in Astrophysics
Oxford, U.K.

Natalie Kay Moore

(Salons 2 and 3)

SU almuna ('09) and Master's Student in Arts Administration
Boston University

Greg Sandow

(Salons 1 and 3) Music critic, The Wall Street Journal, and professor of Music
The Juilliard School

Vicky Unruh

(Lecture 3)

Professor and Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese
University of Kansas

Robert N. Watson

(Salons 1 and 3)

Professor of English, UCLA, and author of the multi-award winning Back to Nature: The Green and the Real in the Late Renaissance.

Southwestern Students

Melissa Dison ('11)

Major: Political Science
Minor: Philosophy

Sarah Doty ('12)

Major: Physics
Minor: Computer Science and Mathematics

Rachel Freeman('11)

Major: International Studies
Minor: Music

Robert Frost ('13)

Major, Theatre, with emphasis in directing and accompanying for Musical Theatre

Regan Lemley ('11)

Major: Biology
Minor: Philosophy

Audrey Olena ('11)

Majors: Physics, Music
Minor: Mathematics

Southwestern Faculty

Fumiko Futamura

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Paul Gaffney

Dean, Sarofim School of Fine Arts
Professor of Theatre

Elizabeth Green-Musselman

Professor and Chair of the History Department


Laura Hobgood-Oster

Professor of Religion and holder of the Elizabeth Root Paden Chair

Thomas Howe

Professor of Art and Art History and holder of the Herman Brown Chair

Shannon Mariotti

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Mary Grace Neville

Associate Professor of Business and holder of the John Shearn Chair

Kenny Sheppard

Professor of Music

Mary Visser

Professor of Art


Symposium director: 

John Michael Cooper
Professor of Music
Margarett Root Brown Chair in Fine Arts

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