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Overview: Brown Symposium XXVII

This symposium will focus on promising new approaches to the building of just and loving relationships, and to the prevention of intimate violence. Our participants are pioneers in this effort, finding ways to enlarge the work of love and justice, recruiting men to the cause of violence prevention, and countering the glorification of gender violence in popular culture that proposes destructive images of womanhood and manhood to young people growing up. Our speakers will address legal, psychological and spiritual issues; they will offer ways to break the recurring cycles of intimate violence, to heal the maladies that produce them, and to promote the love and justice that provide health and fulfillment to the human family.

Celebrating 27 years of Brown Symposia

1978 Cosmology: The Changing Philosophies of Science Robert L. Soulen
1980 Interpretation: Meaning and the Substance of Human Experience T. Walter Herbert
1981 Macrohistory: Cosmopolitanism on a Global Scale Weldon S. Crowley
1982 Gustav Mahler and His Vienna F. Ellsworth Peterson
1983 Performance and Ritual Gwen Kennedy Neville
1984 Molecular Cloning of Human Genes: Implications for Basic and Medical Science Robert L. Soulen
1985 Benjamin Britten and the Ceremony of Innocence F. Ellsworth Peterson
1986 Womanhood, Manhood, and Public Life: Visions and Revisions of Gender in America T. Walter Herbert
1987 Pandora's Box: Computers in Everyday Life Naomi S. Baron
1988 Africa and Afro-America Weldon S. Crowley
1989 Gods, Giants and Monkeys: The Ramakian in the Arts and Culture of Thailand F. Ellsworth Peterson
1990 Punctuated Evolution: The Slender Thread of Life Robert L. Soulen
1991 Cultural Worlds Gwen Kennedy Neville
1992 Discoveries of America T. Walter Herbert
1993 Macrohistory: New Visions of the World Weldon S. Crowley
1994 Global Climates: Past, Present & Future Robert L. Soulen
1995 The Quartets of Shostakovich: Odyssey of a Man and of a Nation F. Ellsworth Peterson
1996 Communities Gwen Kennedy Neville
1997 Drawing and Crossing Boundaries: The Roots of Texas Music T. Walter Herbert
1998 The Human Genome Project: Advances, Repercussions and Challenges Vicente D. Villa
1999 España y América: Cultural Encounter--Enduring Legacy Wm. B. Jones
2000 Ratios & Radiance, Feathers & Faith: The Music of Olivier Messiaen F. Ellsworth Peterson
2001 Shakespeares!! T Walter Herbert
2002 Globalization: Win-Win or Win-Lose? A.J. Senchack
2003 Spiritualities of Resistance Laura Hobgood-Oster
2004 Arctic Journey: Discoveries of Inter-relationships in the Circumpolar North Stephanie Fabritius
2005 For Love and Justice: Breaking the Cycles of Intimate Violence T Walter Herbert

The Brown Symposium at Southwestern University

The Brown Symposium is presented by Southwestern University on an annual basis. Open to the public without charge, the symposium is funded through an endowment established by The Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston, Texas, for professorships at the University.

The symposia are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the work for which the endowed professorships were established. Each symposium presents topics in one of the broad areas of study represented by the chairholder.

"For Love and Justice: Breaking the Cycles of Intimate Violence" was developed by T. Walter Herbert, Jr., professor of English, holder of the Herman Brown Chair, and University Scholar.

Lecture events are held in the Alma Thomas Theater, located in the Alma Thomas Fine Arts Center.


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